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SIM Card Roaming
Call Forwarding
Travelling to Canada ? Need a new Cell Phone Plan ?
We are an authorized dealer for several mobile providers in Canada.
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We got plans starting at $15/mo. All our Wireless plans are pre paid and tailored for new comers and visitors.
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What is the different between these 3 services ?

Let’s consider 3 scenarios and see how we can help.

Sim Card Roaming

You have a cellphone in Iran and you want to be able to get your SMS and Calls while you are in Canada.

You have to purchase one of our SIM Card Roaming devices and insert your SIM card in it and leave it in IRAN connected to the Internet. Using our Service you will receiver all your “TEXTS” and “CALLS” in Canada. You can also use your sim card to make Local calls to IRAN !

Second Number

You live in Los Angeles and you are traveling to IRAN for a month. You want to be able to answer your phone there and also call USA .

We will assign you a local LA number ( Second Number). You will recive all calls made to taht number on our APP and can use the App to make calls so no matter where you go as along as you have internet you can answer your phone and make calls.

You just need to forward your USA phone to the Second number we provide before you leave USA ( at the Air port).

All your calls will be forwarded to the App. Please be advices that you can not forward your text messages. Just calls.

Virtual Number (DID)

Lets say you live in Canada and you have to talk to IRAN a lot , we can assign you a local Number in Tehran , You will give this number to your family/friends and customers to call. When they call the number your phone in Caanda ( or anywhere in the world) rings and you can talk to them. It is a local call them for them and you pay a fix monthly fee to Sialk.