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IRAN DID (Virtual Number)
By subscribing to this service, you will get a virtual Tehran local number. Any calls made to this number from Iran, will be routed to your phone number anywhere in the world. For your callers, all calls made to this Phone number will be priced as a local Iran call and you pay a flat rate monthly fee. If you are located in USA or CANADA there is no need to install any Apps
Unlimited conversation
There is no limit to the call time in the subscription period, and with the paid amount, you can use the call throughout the period.
Excellent sound quality
No extra charge
You only pay the monthly subscription fee and you will not have any additional costs such as taxes, setup fees, purchase of hardware or software, etc.
Full time support
Full technical support including training on how to use and troubleshooting during the entire subscription period, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Monthly Rate
Activation Fee
Talk Minutes
Forward to
Any phone Number
Answer your Iranian mobile phone wherever you are in the world
Receive your Iranian mobile phone calls
Call Iran through your SIM card
Find the SMS messages of your Iran SIM card without delay and in the moment.
Send SMS
SIM Card roaming
Monthly Rate
Inbound & Outbound calls ?
Send & Receive SMS ?
Activation Fee

With the SIM card service, you can answer your SIM card calls anywhere in the world without having to pay for roaming and heavy international costs

Your Iranian SIM card can be used in Canada, America and any other country and you can call the numbers you want from your SIM card anywhere in the world

Application and features of this service
No roaming and international charges on the SIM card
High availability (all parts of the world - wherever you have access to the Internet)
Keeping your location hidden from your friends (when you make a call from your SIM card outside of Iran, your contact will definitely not notice your presence outside of Iran) with SIALK you will always be available
American and Canadian virtual phone numbers
Allocation of a unique Canadian number
Ability to answer calls anywhere in the world
Free calls to America and Canada from a dedicated number
Ability to activate voice mail
The possibility of activation in social networks such as WhatsApp and...
Be available anytime and anywhere in the world with a dedicated number
Second Number Canada / USA
Get a local phone number in Canada
Call USA and Canada for free from the App
Use the number to activate social media accounts like Whatsapp, Telegram and …
Forward you Cell phone to your Second number and use it while traveling and do not pay for roaming
Pre Paid Long Distance Calls

You are not required to sign any contracts or agreements or change your phone company.

The minutes you purchase will never expire and there is absolutely no hidden fee like monthly fee, maintenance fee or connection fee. Just benefit from our real, low and affordable rates.

Your account will be available for use immediately after you activate the service by registering your phone numbers with us and purchasing minutes in whatever dollar amount that you wish.

You are not required to use your PIN when placing a call from a registered phone number. If you are making a call from a non-registered number, you will be required to enter your PIN which will be given to you at the time of activation.

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