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By using this service, you can use your Iranian mobile phone outside of Iran without paying roaming charges
Iran Sim Card Roaming is a Complete 2-way Service
Inbound & Outbound Call
Send / Receive SMS
In fact, with this method, you will connect to your Iranian SIM card through our application, as a result, you will find incoming calls on the application and you can also call through the application
In this way, you will also receive your SMS and you can send SMS
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To use this service, you need a modem device. Your Iranian SIM card will be inserted into this device and all your SMS and calls will be transferred to you abroad through the connection of this device to the Internet
As soon as your Iran number receives a message, an email containing the text of the message and other details will be sent to your email
You can also view your messages and send messages by logging in to your user panel. This service has no delay and you can use it to find messages from the Iranian banking system and do your banking
You can use SIM card roaming service
Use your Iranian mobile phone in Canada
Use your Iranian mobile phone outside of Iran (anywhere in the world)