Virtual number
Saty connected with your Friends/Family and Customers

شماره تلفن مجازی

شماره تلفن مجازی

یک شماره تلفن ثابت برای استفاده در تمام نقاط دنیا

Not Sure what kind of service do you want?

Are you traveling and do not want to pay for roaming ? Not sure what service to chose ?

You can get a new local number (Second Number) and start using it with our App.

Forward your cell number to the Second Number when leaving so you will receive all your calls on the APP while you are out of country- Use the App to make calls as well

Second Number
Call Forwarding

Do you pay a lot for long distance calls and want to save ?

Do you have clients in other countries who need to call you for free?

Get a DID number( Virtual number ) and ask your friends/family/Customers to call that number. It is free for them and you pay a fix monthly fee here- It is unlimited talks

DID Number
Virtual Number

Do you want to use your local SIM card to make calls and send/receive text while abroad ?

With our SIM Card roaming service you can use your local cell on our App. Just like you are there and never left.

Sim Card Roaming

IRAN SIM Card Roaming

Traveling from IRAN ? Leave your sim card home and using our device and app you can use it to make calls. receive calls and Send/Receive SMS.

سیم کارت ایران شما فعال در امریکا و کانادا (کل نقاط دنیا)

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1 888 845 9068


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